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Your all-in-one passive income ecosystem 
to earn Bitcoin from simply holding! 

Since early 2022 we have been building and securing multiple
ways to give our holders passive income. Safety and security
is our number one priority.

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BTCBullDog Finance Utilties

BitDogLTD Coin

Auto Staking NFTs


Our Dapp is where holders can access the whole BTCBullDog Ecosystem, from buying our BitDogLtd Coin, minting a auto staking NFT and much more..

BitDogLTD Dashboard, check all details about your coin holdings, from wallet value to total BTC rewards recieved

Rewards tab, Claim your BTC direct to your DeFi wallet

Buy BitDogLtd via Pancakeswap/Flooz
Mint a auto staking NFT

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New Utility Coming 17th Dec

Buy BitDogLtd


BTCBullDog's Passive Income Utilities


2% Bitcoin rewards
2% Auto reflections 
4% - Auto-liquidity injection


Auto Staking NFTs
35% BTCB Rewards​​ + 10% BitDogLtd
1 of 1 Golden ticket rewards 1 BTC
80 Ultras Rewards $200


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